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What to Expect During Your First IV Therapy Session

What to Expect During Your First IV Therapy Session

Intravenous (IV) therapy is an effective way to rehydrate your body and get the essential vitamins and nutrients you need to thrive.

Wellness IV offers a variety of IV therapies to help you feel your best. Each therapy contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fluids your body needs to function optimally. We also make it convenient to receive your IV infusions no matter where you are through our mobile IV therapy services.

How IV therapy works

IV therapy involves an infusion of fluids into your bloodstream through an IV line. Sit back and relax as your bloodstream absorbs the full benefit of the nutrients because the process bypasses the digestive system.

When you take vitamins and minerals orally, your body breaks them down through the digestive process. For many people, these processes limit the nutrients your body absorbs. It also takes time for your body to benefit from oral supplements and the foods you eat in your diet.

With IV therapy, you can enjoy the immediate benefits of your treatment before your infusion is complete. Our team offers a variety of IV therapies, including:

There’s also The Works, the most comprehensive IV infusion that contains fluids, vitamins, amino acids, and glutathione to improve your overall wellness. Our IV therapists can also customize an IV blend to meet your unique needs.

What to expect during your first IV infusion

Wellness IV brings IV therapies directly to you no matter where you are, including your home, office, hotel, or even at your bachelorette party. We offer IV therapies to adults over 18 who are in good health. IV infusions aren’t available for pregnant or lactating women or adults with certain medical conditions.

During your initial infusion, the team reviews your medical history and discusses your individual needs for treatment. We can provide you with a specialized infusion or a customized treatment to address your unique health issues.

We then start an IV line in your arm. This line attaches to a bag of saline or lactated ringer’s solution. The fluids slowly drip through the IV line into your bloodstream over 30-45 minutes. Some infusions, including the NAD+ IV and ketamine infusions, can last 3-4 hours.

After your treatment is complete, you can go back to your regular activities without any limitations. Our team can determine when you can receive additional infusions depending on the type you receive, your health, and your goals for treatment.

High-quality results that last

Because the nutrients in an IV infusion go directly into your bloodstream, your cells can immediately use the vitamins and fluids. You can expect to see a noticeable difference in your energy levels during treatment.

Many people enjoy the benefits of their IV infusion for several days after their treatment. You can schedule follow-up infusions to maintain your results and boost your overall wellness.

To find out if you’re a candidate for IV therapy, call Wellness IV to schedule mobile IV therapy services or book a consultation online today. 

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